Things Happen.

- All Inclusive -

Perfectly Picked Menus for All of Your events 

Full service & custom catering is at hand with wait staff in place to set up, manage guest portions, bus away from all glasses, cutlery, and plates, while assuring that no mess is left behind.

- A la Carte -

Put Together Your Own Menu

From a large dish selection, you decide the menu.Which entree or which side, and drinks would

best complement your guest,

you know best.

Whether you would like to  indulge

in a fancy dinner or display your taste in menu options - going à la carte is a perfect choice!

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- Apps + Hors D'oeurve -

The Foreplay of your Meal

Apps + Hors oeuvres are meant to increase your guest's appetite preparing one's palate for the main course. 

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Individually Packaged 


- Salads -

Fresh Crisp Salad's 

With many cultures, tastes, and colors in mind, you can choose from a variety of salads that bring a tangy crisp to your taste buds. 

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- Accompaning Dishes -

Add Some Enrichments 

Adding sides to your catering order allows you to present your guest with more options due to any dietary needs or simply just a little more food to curve the last bit of hunger. 

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- Dessert -

The Last Sweet Course

Ingesting anything sweet helps improve your mood, one bite of a sweet delight and your happy hormores will be racing all over.

"A well-balanced meal ends with the perfect dessert" -Kelli  

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Take advantage of Bistro Boxed Luncheons w. 

a variety of menu options. There is no complex menu with  'Grab -n- Go' melas